The Fluid Trends​™ Promise

Empower non-technical workers and non-digital organizations to harness digital opportunities and access economic growth through simple, fast and affordable enterprise-grade digital innovation solutions.

Solving The Great Digital Divide:

The market exclusion of non-technical workers and non-digital organizations.

Non-technical workers and non-digital organizations are being pushed out of the market as they struggle to harness digital opportunities and are unable to keep up with the pace of digital transformation.

We believe that those most at risk should have equal access to the Digital Economy and enjoy the same growth opportunities. For that to happen, the difficult challenge of market inclusion and access to the Digital Economy needs to be surmounted somehow. Easier said than done. The root cause of the problem is that it is virtually impossible to craft successful Digital Innovation business models that cater to non-technical workers and non-digital organizations. That is because typical digital innovation efforts are extremely complex, very slow and require significant budgets. Making digital innovation ​simple, fast ​and affordable is a tall order that is not easily fulfilled by current industry business models. Absent such simple, fast, affordable digital innovation solutions, the digital laggards usually catch up when digitalization is way past the point of innovation and when it’s not a matter of leading the pack but rather barely keeping up with the rest of the market. Of course, that clearly spells market exclusion right off the bat. The only way of getting in front of this problem is to intentionally design the appropriate Digital Innovation business model.​

The Fluid Trends​™ Digital Innovation Service

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